The Colville School District highly capable program is now accepting nomination of students to be assessed to qualify for enriched educational instruction and experiences. Students who have already been identified as highly capable do not need to reapply.

CSD Nomination Form

The nomination form and additional information are also  available at all district schools and at the school district office.

Highly capable students are often described as those who perform at significantly advanced academic levels compared to their peers. Gifted students represent the top three percent or so of the population. Because there is no single method for identifying students, the selection committee will use multiple criteria to assess nominated students for highly capable program consideration. Parent permission is required for students to be considered or tested. The process may include a review of achievement test scores, teacher and parent input, and other performance indicators. By Washington state law and school board policy, the Colville School District is required to provide accelerated learning opportunities for students who are identified as highly capable. Teachers deliver services in an in-class model that may include enrichment or choice activities.

For more information about the district’s highly capable program, contact Sherry Clark at 509-685-2106.